Sock Lengths Guide

There is a pair of socks to cover or not cover just about any part of your leg. Let our guide help you to find the correct height of sock you need.

  • Thigh Highs or Over the Knee Socks: These are mostly worn during the colder months or by those who are bold enough to show off their legs with a bit of style and pizzazz.

  • Knee Highs: These fit just under the knee and are also meant for those who set out to make a style statement. Or they just wear really tall boots.

  • Trouser Socks: Below the knee but taller than a crew sock, this length is for the gentleman out there who prefers not to have to always pull up their dress socks while donning their finest suit. 

  • Crew Socks: The crew sock is by far the most popular length of sock. Equal parts functional and fashionable.

  • Quarter Socks: Sometimes called low-rise or even shorties socks, these are a half-crew sock that just barely cover your ankle and are often worn by hikers, athletes, cyclist and other outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Ankle Socks or No-Shows: Don't let the latter title full you, these two similar lengths may or may not peek out of your sneaks, as they sit just below the ankle. Often worn with running shoes or sneakers, they are ready to perform while avoiding those embarrassing tan lines. 

  • Loafers/Liners: The smallest of all socks. Whether you are wearing flats or your favorite boat shoes, these are meant to be 100% incognito.