Sock Sizing Guide

Finding the right sock size for you

Adult sock sizes vary from brand to brand. Most brands use the familiar sizing 9-11 and 10-13. This refers to the actual length in inches of your foot, not your shoe size. A few brands, like yours truly Sock Harbor, will spell out their sock sizes as shoe sizing. In general though, sock sizing can be translated from your shoe size per the table below. 

Sock Size US Women's Shoe Size US Men's Shoe Size European Shoe Size UK Shoe Size
9-11 5-10 3-8 36-41 4-8
10-13 10-13 8-12 41-46 8-13
14 13+ 12-15 46-51 13-17


Infant to youth sizing for our future generation of sock aficionados is often more straightforward, as it will generally correspond directly to the child's age. 

  • Infants: Ages 0 to 2. Usually with a small, cute animal accompanied by a few sleepless nights.
  • Toddler: Ages 2 to 4. Still pretty cute, but now are mobile and starting to talk back.
  • Kids: Ages 4-7
  • Youth: Ages 8 to 12-ish. Time to really start letting those ankles express themselves. The beauty of buying socks for this age is that you can buy a little large and they will grow into them.
  • Teenagers: 12 and up.  Teens just want to do their own thing, which means it's about time to start looking into adult sizing. 

Dirty Little Sock Secrets

We do not condone conspiracies, but we are going to let you in on a little secret. Men can wear women's socks and women can wear men's socks! If they work for you, go ahead and rock them.